September 22, 2021

Donald Trump Was Robbed

Democrats Stole The 2020 Election

Would You Follow Trump To The Patriot Party?

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I use to think that if a Third Party was created, it would take away from one Party or the other. If Donald Trump was to run on a Third Party, it would steal from the Republican Party.

However, the Republican Party as it stands now isn’t worth it. Mitch McConnell, Linsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Lisa Makowski, and the other RINOs aren’t my Republican Party – they’re spineless cowards – only slightly better than Democrats.

So I’ve very recently started to feel that if they Patriot Party right now, has a chance. If created right now, with a strong Platform “New Contract With America” with planks like Term Limits – they might have a chance to build for the Mid-term Elections. However, they need to really organized and focused on the biggest RINOs with good candidates backed by some big money. If that could in turn cause good Republicans like Ted Cruz and Jim Jorden to also convert they could do it with the right leadership. They can always caucus with the Republicans who the should be replacing.

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