December 8, 2022

Donald Trump Was Robbed

Democrats Stole The 2020 Election

What did we learn today?

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FBI Examining Melania’s Knickers for Top Secret Documents

Hillary can have Top Secret emails on an unauthorized server in her bathroom, Bill can lose the codes to the Nuclear Football, Hunter can misplace his laptop with child porn and a road map to The Big Guy selling influence, Biden’s daughter can leave her diary (with entries of showering with Daddy as a teenager) at a halfway house and the two drug addicts who found it are prosecuted by the DOJ and sent to jail, Sandy Berger can put Top Secret documents in his tighty-whiteys – but it’s Trump’s house that gets ransacked and his wife’s knickers rifled through because the Deep State claims he stored his documents in an unsecure location in an affidavit from information by a FBI plant in Mar a Lago.

Only in a Banana Republic does a sitting President raid the home of his opponent to take his passports and every piece of paper for his FBI to sift through to see what he’s up to and/or find a way to make him ineligible to run. This makes Watergate look like a traffic violation.

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