September 26, 2022

Donald Trump Was Robbed

Democrats Stole The 2020 Election

This Domain For Sale

This Domain Name is For Sale, with or without Hosting.

Red Dog Seven, LLC is selling this domain. Optional services can include:

  1. Web hosting on a lightly used site, without resource limitations.
  2. Installation and Configuration of:
    1. WordPress
    2. Vbulletion
    3. Mediawiki
    4. Zencart
    5. OC-Classifieds
    6. Most any other Web Application

About this Domain Name

Over 70Million people are pissed off with the election being stolen through the fraud of crooks in at least Detroit, Atlanta, Madison and Las Vegas. This name was bought to monetize through either a news site with forum to discuss Jo & Ho over the next four years, or a gift shop selling Anti-Biden T-Shirts and Mugs, or maybe all and more. Let your mind tell you how to make money with this domain name.

At the moment, I have too many irons in the fire, so I’ll consider selling it up until I have the time to use it. It is a very desirable domain name, and there are none better available.

I’m asking $5,000 for it and a year’s hosting with the Deluxe Plan on a very fast server at Big Kahuna Hosting. Other options would be to use the power of this domain name to forward another of your sites – or have a little fun by forwarding to Porn Hub, Nambla, or news on the scandals of The Biden Crime Family. Hell, I’m not proud, I’d take the $5,000 from the Biden Crime Family so that it could be retired and not used.

See the Make Offer link in the right Sidebar if you would like to make a reasonable offer, and want a little help getting it rolling. I expect someone with either the motive of monetizing, forwarding, or shredding will buy soon.


Red Dog Seven operates a cutting edge Server and has the expertise to turn key the above applications just about any other use for a web site you can dream of.

Monetizing Your Web Site

  • Banner Advertising
  • Gift Shop
  • Paid Subscription
  • Donations – Fundraising
  • eMail Marketing
  • Paid Classified Ads
  • Selling Domain Registration and Web Hosting
  • Selling email processing and/or forwarding of you unique domain

There are many ways to take a premium domain name and monetize it. We have the expertise to do as much of that for you as you wish.

email me at if interested

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