December 9, 2022

Donald Trump Was Robbed

Democrats Stole The 2020 Election

Support Donald Trump 1/20/21

History’s Largest Virtual Protest

  • It is a fact that Facebook Banned Trump
  • It is a fact Facebook targeted election registration against Trump
  • It is a fact the Facebook Stifled Conservative Speech & Blocked Conservatives from posting
  • It is a fact that Facebook’s Gestapo Thought Police ‘fact checks’ all Biden and Election Fraud posts – and then lies
  • It is a fact that your Privacy is a great risk with Facebook’s deep scan of your computer’s cookies in order to score you
  • It has been reported that Facebook & Zuckerberg donated as much as $400 Million (directly and/or indirectly) to Biden’s Campaign, The DNC and the Georgia Senate Elections


On January 20th, just as the illegal coronation of a illegitimate President is going on – you need to be part of the millions who stick up their middle finger to Fascistbook by deleting your account. It will be an Epic act of Peaceful Protesting that will set the standard for Virtual Protests in the future. Even the Fake News will not be able to ignore the greatest support ever done on behalf of another person.

Between Now & Then

  • Join, which is the Conservatives Alternative to Fakebook. It is completely free, although they ask you about once a week to upgrade to Premium – which has features, but is unnecessary. Millions of us did so in early November, and we have never regretted leaving Facebook. Mewe has everything Fakebook does – except the invasion of privacy, ads, and Butthurt Snowflakes trolling for Conservatives to ban. Management of groups is left the Group Owner and not a 20-year-old gender neutral with green hair in a manbun, wearing skinny jeans, Antifa shirt and BLM facemask.
  • Tell your friends on Facebook where they can find you after 1/20
  • Backup & download your account for posterity
  • Encourage your Pro Trump Friends to also show their support of Trump by doing the same. Right-click and save the above banner and use it to get the word out. Share the Hell out of this Announcement!
  • Use any influence you have with Conservative media to talk about this Virtual Protest. Call into talk radio and talk about it.
  • Use the tags #stopthesteal #DonaldTrumpWasRobbed #JoeBidenNotMyPresident of Social Media

This can really make a huuuge statement in support of Donald Trump, and will get the ball rolling for 2024. It can really punish Facebook where it hurts – in the pocketbook. Heads will roll if enough do it. It will also support the Social Media site we’ve all begged for, and scare the shit out of Silicon Valley and Fake News with the organized power Conservative holds.

For four years the Liberals have stuck together while the Conservatives have mostly been apathetic and had their heads in the sand. Today is the day we all heed to turn the tables. It you’re ready angry with a stolen election – have the Principles to cut off Facebook at the knees.

Support Donald Trump and Punish Fakebook on January 20th.
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