September 26, 2022

Donald Trump Was Robbed

Democrats Stole The 2020 Election

China Hates Us

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And we are letting them achieve their goal to ruin us?

  • They’re Flooding America with Fentanyl to addict and kill it young people
  • They’re buying all of the Real Estate to Control the pricing in the entire Market
  • They own us in Manufacturing. Virtually everything important to our survival comes on a boat from China.
  • They own the prescription drug market. They control our health.
  • They control all components in all Electronics, every car, every phone, every appliance, every computer
  • They are breaking into Business computers and stealing all trade secrets, killing those companies by flooding the market with cheaper versions
  • They are the biggest Software pirates
  • They Control the Panama Canel
  • They’ve built a much larger and more lethal military than ours, who is focused on Wokeness instead of winning wars
  • They’re Hacking into all government computers and can take control anytime they want
  • The have Satellite killers orbiting and waiting for the command to take out thousands of our critical satellites
  • They have the ability to shut down the Internet, which crushes all financial transactions from banking, to stock markets, to buying groceries and gas, which require access to the cloud for every transaction
  • They’ve bought most meat processing businesses and control the quantity and quality of the meats we eat
  • They’ve bought huge amounts of American Farm Land and gaining control to produce
  • They spy on individuals with the electronic chips that go into everything
  • They have EMF Satellites orbiting Earth waiting for the command to shut down anything electronic

Fact is they can bring us to our knees in a day, and cripple us to the point of no return – and just they are just waiting for the right time make it so.


If they didn’t have Senators in their pockets, we’d take away their Most Favored Nation trading status, and force critical businesses back into the US. We’re in Deep Shit because the Biden, Pelosi, Clinton, Gore, Kerry Crime Families have sold America out for six pieces of silver. China is your Daddy and you just don’t believe it – yet.

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